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CH 8001 ZÜRICH, Selnaustrasse 6
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Our services in Switzerland

Our address:

LeitnerLeitner Zürich AG
CH 8001 Zürich,
Selnaustrasse 6

T +41 44 226 36-10

F +41 44 226 36-19
E zuerich.office@leitnerleitner.com

Tax compliance

  • Preparation of tax returns according to Austrian tax law
  • Submission of all required reports and notifications to the Austrian tax authorities
  • Calculation and tax optimization of income from portfolio investments according to Austrian tax law
  • Review of tax reportings for Austrian investors
  • Qualification of investment products and insurance products according to Austrian tax law
  • Tax representation for investment funds in Austria and calculation of deemed distributions of investment funds according to Austrian tax law
  • Application for refund of foreign withholding taxes

Asset structuring

  • Tax optimization for different asset classes (e.g. portfolio investments, real estate, art, alternative investments)
  • Beauty contests for the election of asset managers
  • Tax structuring for your charitable engagements
  • Qualification of e.g. stock option-programs and phantom stock programs according to Austrian tax law

International mobility

  • Safeguarding the cross-border mobility of internationally oriented (entrepreneurial) families
  • Identification of the optimal place of residence for tax purposes
  • Vacation homes / secondary residences
  • Advice and support regarding international relocations
  • Assessment of tax-related issues of residency

Estate planning

  • (Cross-border) Succession planning inter vivos
  • Estate planning in a national and international context
  • Private foundations and trusts

Voluntary disclosures and tax risk prevention

  • Allocation of taxing rights in cross-border situations (e.g. evaluation of residency for tax purposes)
  • Restructuring corporate structures subject to tax risks